About the Town Council

Knowsley Town Council was first established in 1894 and is the second tier of local government in the local area. Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council is the first tier and was created in 1974.

The Town Council boundary covers Knowsley Village, Stockbridge Village  and parts of the Hillside and Longview areas of Huyton. The Town Council has an electorate of  over 8,000 people. There are currently almost 5,000 residential properties in the town.

Take a look at our geographic map which shows the different areas within our township.

The vast majority of the Town Council income is raised by “precepting” an annual levy upon Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council. The precept is determined (usually in January) by the service provision of the Town Council. The precept changes from year to year.  The Town Council precept can be viewed by studying the Annual Report.

Further details of Council meetings can be obtained by viewing our Town Council Meetings page.

What is a town council?

A town council is a local authority whose members are elected by the electors of the town area and serve for four years. Some town councils are known as parish councils but all abide by the same legislation passed by Parliament.

What legislation?

There have been over 25 Acts of Parliament over the last two centuries conferring, directly or indirectly, various powers on town councils including Gladstone's 1894 Local Government Act which established them in their modern form. The Local Government Act of 1972 revised their role substantially.

How many town councils are there?

There are about 8,700 parish and town councils in England serving approximately 30% of the population as their most direct tier of government. The total budget for these councils is almost £500 million. Individual budgets range from £100 to over £1 million, making councils very different in size and activity.

What can town councils do?

Parliament has given many powers to town councils. These powers relate to issues such as grants, planning, provision of recreation facilities, community centres and public buildings, crime prevention, community transport, public toilets, tourism, allotments, footpaths, litter, open spaces and traffic calming. The desire of Government is to increase the powers of town councils. Town councils also act to represent residents of the township on issues such as the environment, transport and youth activities.

How are town councils funded?

The major income for most town councils is a precept to be raised by the principal local authority as part of Council Tax. This is paid by residents of the town. Town councils may also receive other income such as grants and fees for letting buildings. The income is used to improve the quality of life for residents.


  Town Council Mayor

Town Council Mayor

The Mayor of the Town Council is elected by fellow councillors at the Annual General Meeting, which is always held in May. There are no legislative restrictions about the number of times a councillor can become the Mayor (or Chairman of the Council). At the Annual General Meeting on 18th May 2023, the Town Council elected Cllr B Donnelly as the... read more »

  Town Council Councillors 2023/24

Town Council Councillors 2023/24

The membership of Knowsley Town Council is divided into two electoral wards: Knowsley Park Stockbridge Each ward elects Councillors to serve on the Town Council for four years. Knowsley Park  have three Councillors each and Stockbridge is represented by nine Councillors. The Twelve Councillors (sometimes referred to as “elected members”) of Knowsley Town Council represent the people of the township. All... read more »

Councillors Surgeries

Stockbridge  Labour Councillors Surgeries To be held at the Community Pavilion, Pool Hey, Committee Room 1st, 2nd & 4th Thursday in the month 6.30 pm - 8.00 pm  this will provide  an  opportunity for residents to raise an issue with a local Councillor.                  ... read more »

  Town Council Staff

Town Council Staff

Town Council Staff The Town Council currently employs Five staff. There are no current vacancies.  The Town Clerk Jane Thomas is based in the Town Council Offices in the Bob Whiley Community Centre. The caretakers/Handymen and Cleaner are based in various premises of the Town Council. Knowsley Town Council staff are as follows:   read more »

  Town Council Location

Town Council Location

Knowsley Town Council Bob Whiley Community Centre, Shop Road, Knowsley Village, Merseyside L34 0HD Tel: 0151 548 4545 read more »

  Annual Report

Annual Report

There is no statutory duty to prepare an Annual Report. However, at the Annual General Meeting in May, Knowsley Town Council considers a report on its activities during the previous financial year. This report is a formal document, and following consideration by the Town Council, is widely distributed. The Annual Report reflects both the activities and achievements of... read more »