Town Council Precept 

Knowsley Town Council – Financial Information.

Knowsley Town Council is completely funded through the Annual Precept and the income received from hiring out the Bob Whiley Centre in Knowsley Village and the Pavilion in Stockbridge Village.

 What is a Precept?

 In February each year, the Town Council agree its budget for the following financial year. The Precept is the amount on money the Town Council needs to meet its expenditure requirements after taking into account any generated income.

2024/25 Precept

The Town Council is very conscious of the effects on the community of the cost of living crisis. However, just as household costs have increased, so have the Town Council’s costs and reluctantly the Precept for 2024/25 has been increased by 3% to £333,995.

This figure is usually expressed in Band ‘D’ equivalents and equates to £118.52 an increase of 5p per week. However, for the majority (64%) of properties in the Township which are at Band ‘A’, this increase is 2p per week.

Knowsley Town Council remains committed to providing a quality service to all residents in the Township and in doing so will continue to monitor closely its expenditure.

Residents can obtain further information by contacting Jane Thomas via email or 0151-548-4545

Knowsley Town Council remains committed to providing an excellent service for all residents of the township and will continue its programme of upgrading its facilities for the benefit of the community it serves.